Our Team

Project coordinators who ensure a tight control of processes and smooth execution With emphasis on reporting and communication both, up and down the line.

Site supervisors with hands-on training and wide experience in handling projects Of varying proportions and permutations.

Logistic experts who provide a silent but strong support to our front runners is a Dedicated few which specialize in mobilization logistics making short term ramping Up and country-wide deployment our strength.

Technocrafts with varying skill – from electrical engineers and HVAC experts to Structural engineers are on board and are consulted with on a regular basis to Ensure the right process and systems are adopted ensuring our clients through product.

Our Team Members  
Sr. No Name Designation
1. Mr.Sanjay R. Kambli Proprietor of Shani Associates
2. Mr.Usman Rakhange Project Co-ordinator
3. Mr.Mustaqim Pardeshi Business Development Manager
4. Mr Zakir Ansari Site Supervisor
5. Mr Moiz Mahimi Site Supervisor
6. Ms Fazila Shaikh Interior Designer
7. Mrs Yogita Bhosle Accountant Head
8. Sunny Jaiswal Project Incharge
9. Anil Jaiswar Estimation department
10. Rasika Banavali Interior Designer
11. Mr Sameer Suryaji Buisness developer
12. Mr Mahesh Prajapati Office Boy
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